You all know that I am a huge proponent of implementing IF when the time is right. In 2018, Dr. Frank Merritt published his book, “The 17 Hour Fast: Reset Your Eating to Revitalize Your Life.” The book outlines some of the benefits from fasting and gives readers insight into how to maximize these benefits. 

“Why would an author of a fasting book, “The 17 Hour Fast” emphasize the importance of Hush Up & Hustle Smoothies made with Blender Bombs? Because the right nutrition before and after fasting potentiates and acts synergistically with fasting. We cannot over-stress this and it’s why chapters 5 & 9 are dedicated solely to pre and post fasting nutrition. Ending the 17 Hour Fast with easily digestible, plant based foods which are balanced with healthy fats, low glycemic index carbohydrates and balanced protein is one reason this fasting protocol is more effective than many longer fasts. We at VitalityPro have researched and “road-tested” these smoothies with Blender Bombs and find them to be the perfect ending for our fasting strategy and for the Performance Fasting outlined in Chapter 10. Combine the 17 Hour Fast with Blender Bombs and tell us about your success.”

What exactly is VitalityPro?

In their words, “We are a research and development company that works in a consultant role with other companies, teams and organizations in health, wellness, nutrition and healthcare. VitalityPro is a privately funded, legacy company formed in memory of our friend, Jason.  Therefore our work and opinions are solely governed by the pursuit of increasing longevity, quality of life and performance.” Dr. Frank Merritt says that “Our book, “17 Hour Fast,” outlines VitalityPro’s first fasting protocol developed in 2002 to aid Jason in his fight against cancer. It helped as he lived 7 years instead of the initial 6 month prognosis. Since then, the 17 Hour Fast has been shown to help other diseases including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and more. Consistent with our mission, our proceeds from the book go to charities listed in the book.”

Essentially, Dr. Merritt has developed an amazing protocol that includes implementing fasting, water and land exercises and a balanced diet. He holds several camps a year for people who are looking to kickstart their health journey. Check out his camps and classes here. For more information, visit or


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