The Future of Work

It’s no secret that we’re all adjusting to our “new normal” – whatever the heck that may be. This year has radically changed so many aspects of our lives. Today, I wanna talk about the adjustment to workin’ from home! 


During my recent RV road trip, when I was in Napa, CA, I struck up a conversation with a nice man and we got on the topic of working from home. I told him how our office lease ended in March and we never renewed the lease. Even before COVID, the Blender Bombs team only worked in the office three days a week and then from home (or wherever) the other two days of the week. Currently, we all work from home five days a week and I’ve seen absolutely zero change in our level of productivity. My team is productive AF and honestly, I don’t see us being back in an office ANY time soon.


Maybe one day we will have a space for people to come and go as needed, or to host meetings, but I’ve never believed in the mandatory Monday to Friday, 9-5 grind in an office. Y’ALL – when I worked for a corporation and had a cubicle at my first job out of college, I felt sad, anxious, controlled, and unmotivated. I cried EVERY day during lunch. Seriously. We’ve been using my house or Hustle Smoothie Bar for team meetings – and just some good ole human connection, because well, it’s necessary! For me and my team, we jive SO much better with a flexible working space. Why would I make my team work from an office while I’m off driving around the country in an RV? Not only would I feel horrible about that, I just honestly don’t believe it’s necessary *for our business* because almost everything we do can be done from a computer or phone. Just need WIFI! For some people working in an office is best, they need that environment, and that’s awesome if that’s what works for you! I also know this is not conducive for certain lines of work, so no shade if working from a remote place doesn’t work for you. 

You do you! XX


Time for a little poll – raise your hand if you have been working from home during quarantine ✋🏽


Now keep them raised if you have been loving it 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️ 


I recently listened to the podcast “Making Sense” with Sam Harris episode #194 “The New Future of Work” where Sam interviews Matt Mullenweg. This guy invented WordPress when he was 19 and he’s a genius. They discuss the benefits of working remotely, or “distributed working” as Matt calls it. They bring up some great points about being home like:

  1. Being able to control the temperature and your office space.
  2. Working with your pets or avoiding working with coworker’s pets.
  3. Eliminating chatter and distractions.
  4. Being able to eat when you want.
  5. Being able to workout between meetings or calls.
  6. Having people working in different time zones can be more effective. 
  7. Working from home is an advantage to someone who has trouble speaking up in front of people. 


I want to elaborate on that last point real quick. When you’re in an in person meeting, you are getting people’s immediate reactions. However communicating from different locations, over email, etc. allows you to take the time you need to come to a conclusion or resolution. For one, in a meeting, not everyone is going to be able to articulate and speak their mind. It may be harder to share your thoughts with a room full of people if you are the lowest man on the totem pole, if english is your second language, if you are an introvert or even if you are  a woman in a room full of men. So it may take a day or two to come to a decision when you discuss via email, but it may be a much better decision. And in the long run, that is going to save time and be better for the business. 


What are your thoughts?? Love it or miss being in the office? Lemme know.






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