The Choice to Change

Change is the last thing you should be afraid of.
Change is good. Change means growth. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.


My favorite thing about Hushup X Hustle is I get to educate and empower women (and men!) to live healthier, happier, and less “controlled-by-food” lives. For the past few years I’ve used my platform to teach you about whole food, plant-based living, the 80X20 lifestyle, and listening to your body (instead of listening to everyone else talk about what works for THEIR bodies).

While a lot of you have had “ah-ha!” moments and have gained a deep understanding of 80X20 living, one of the things I keep hearing is “I know what to do, but I just can’t DO IT.”

I get it… kind of… but not really. I don’t believe in excuses!

For some of you, it’s the idea of cutting down on your consumption of meat that turns you off. For others, it’s impossible to think about nixing processed foods and sugar from your diet because you have kids and those kinds of foods are way too convenient. A lot of you just feel generally overwhelmed when it comes to your health. I don’t blame you.

The truth is, we all have our hang-ups when it comes to pursuing a truly healthy lifestyle. For me, it’s dairy. I just LOVE fresh local goat cheese. I keep dairy in my 20% because I KNOW I should be limiting how much of it I eat. Honestly, I really shouldn’t be eating it at all! But for now I will keep it in my 20% so that I can have a few bites when I’m feeling it. I NEVER want to feel controlled by food again, so I think it’s important to meet people (including myself) where they’re at. That’s why 80X20 works for me.

I have a few tidbits to encourage those of you who desire to make changes towards a healthier lifestyle, but struggle with the “actually doing it” part. Been there.

  1. It Doesn’t Have To Be ALL IN OR ALL OUT
    We follow 80X20 for a reason. Not 100%! For some people the 100% mentality works great –  PROPS and #goals to y’all. But for most of us, the 80X20 lifestyle is a breath of fresh air. 80X20 basically means that 80% of the time, you eat clean, healthy, whole, plant-based foods, and the other 20% of the time you live a little.

    Here’s the thing: your 80X20 doesn’t have to look exactly like mine or the next health and wellness influencer on Instagram. You’ve got to figure out what works best for YOU. If you hold yourself to an “all or nothing” standard when it comes to healthy living, you will most likely ALWAYS end up in the “nothing” camp. Why? Because we’re only human, folks. Have some grace with yourself.

  2. It Doesn’t Have To Happen ALL AT THE SAME TIME
    A lot of people have the “I wanna do all the things at the same time, so I can lose 20 pounds in one month” mindset about getting healthy. I just don’t get that! If you’re living a sedentary lifestyle and you’re addicted to sugar, fast food, processed food, and soda, it’s going to be REALLY HARD for you to wake up one morning and become a plant-based, whole foods eating vegan who works out five days a week. That’s like going to the gym for ONE day and thinking you’re gonna lose ten pounds from a treadmill workout. Not gonna happen, my friends. If you try to get it all right all at once, you’re going to run into roadblocks, disappointments and failures. These roadblocks are where a lot of people just give up because they don’t understand that good things actually DON’T come easy.
  3. You have to TRY NEW THINGS
    In America, a whole food, plant-based diet and reasonable exercise routine is about the most foreign concept there is. Our culture encourages us to eat more (specifically processed foods, meat, and dairy products, fats, and sugars!), and move less. Chances are, you have adopted a form of this lifestyle yourself. The thought of cutting down on the parts of your diet that make up the majority of what you eat is honestly overwhelming—I get it! But here’s the thing: if you don’t at least TRY to move towards a healthier, cleaner diet, it’ll never happen. Yeah, it DOES take a lot of effort to change your ways, but it is SO WORTH IT because developing new habits really isn’t that difficult once you commit to making the change. Over time you will likely start to LOVE your new diet and lifestyle. You’ll be addicted to feeling (and looking) your best. Your body will crave the things you used to turn your nose up to.

I hope there was something in this post that resonated with you or encouraged you to start making moves. Remember: everyone is different and there isn’t one perfect way or a golden ticket when it comes to healthy living.

Be patient with yourself and remember that it’s all about the journey. You can do ittttt!


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