The 80×20 Lifestyle

80X20 is an intentional way of living. It encourages us to add MORE into our life and onto our plates. More of what makes us feel good, and then soon enough we just don’t have time for the bad anymore.

80X20 is mantra we use for freedom and balance in life. It takes away the stress that comes with “perfectionism” and instead encourages small victories and progress. It doesn’t just apply to food either. It applies to anything that needs balance, which is EVERYTHING! Exercise, work, your personal life, personal development, sleep, mood, drinking alcohol, etc.

Living and eating 80X20 has helped us stay healthy AND happy, which we all know can be a hard balance to achieve. We have been practicing 80X20 for a while now, and I can confidently say, this is the only plan that has worked for me (and I’ve tried everything). It’s pretty simple, yet very effective and we can’t recommend it enough. Food Freedom will change your life and 80X20 has given us this.

WHAT IS 80X20?

When it comes to food, here’s how it works… out of all the ingredients we eat in any given week, we strive to consume at least 80% whole food, plant-based options. This means TONS of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes, spices, and plant-based sauces such as marinara, mustard, cashew queso, etc. The other 20% can be WHATEVA. This includes oil, meat, cheese, eggs, dairy, refined grains, refined sugar, etc. Think about it like this: you want to fill your plat with a lot of whole, plant-based foods and a little side of… whatever!


Yes. As a key component of my 80%, we rely heavily on carbs from foods like fruits, potatoes, unrefined whole grains – a la quinoa and jasmine rice.


Coconut aminos, salsa, marinara, mustard, hummus, cashew quest and other plant-forward sauces are some of our favorite “dippers.” Many assume that whole food, plant-based meals have to be limited or boring. It’s the opposite. There are tonssss of yummy sauces out there so don’t knock ‘em till ‘ya try ‘em. Remember, the goal is to FEEL GOOD and release all ties to food restriction. When you make it an intention to eat more plants, you’re golden! Check out the “Rich Roll Meal Planner” on if you love cooking at home and want some amaze recipe ideas! 


Eating a 100% whole foods, plant-based diet, made us feel miserable and restricted. We were constantly craving ‘fun foods’ and felt like eating socially was such a drag. We even became a little obsessive. We couldn’t stop thinking about all of the things that we “weren’t allowed” to eat. With the new 80X20 mindset, we only think about what to ADD to our plates… never about what to exclude!


Yes! While practicing 80X20, we still drink alcohol, usually in the form of wine, champagne, cocktails, or the classic tequila + soda + lime.

WHAT IF I’M 70X30 or 90X10 or 60X40?

That is totally fine and awesome. You do you! “80X20″ is used as a baseline, but of course it varies week by week. The goal is just to add more whole food, plant-based ingredients to your plate and that’s all. It’s important to allow for “emotional feedings” which means enjoying foods that make you happy – birthday cupcakes, your favorite family recipe, whatever it may be – there are some foods we need to allow ourselves to indulge in regardless of their ingredients. When something is handmade with love, it’s just so good for the soul and there’s no need to miss out on it! This balance and flexibility takes away the pressure and strain from our normal, restrictive diets and allows for some breathing room, all while maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. One of the best parts of the 80X20 lifestyle is that there are no “cheat” meals. You aren’t cheating, you are just eating.


Helen says, “I take my 80X20 lifestyle day-by-day. For some people, meal planning is freeing. For me, meal planning means stress and obsessively thinking about food. One of the reasons I created the Blender Bombs brand is because BBs provide the perfect foundation for an 80X20 lifestyle.I know that every day, my first meal is going to be either a smoothie, an oatmeal bowl, or a yogurt parfait packed with plant-based, whole food ingredients that will keep me full. The BBs make those meals a complete protein. It’s easy, it creates a pattern, and it takes out the tedious guesswork for half of my meals.

For snacks and dinner, I decide day by day what I’m going to eat. Uber eats is my best friend since there are a handful of restaurants in Charleston that serve great 80% meals. Can you say massaman curry?!?! Veggie sushi rolls? I also keep groceries on standby that are whole food, plant-based. This makes it easier to stay accountable. It’s really not as difficult as you may think!”

Give it a shot. 80X20 might be your new best friend, too.    


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