Spring has Sprung!

Spring is upon us and there’s no thyme like the present to start your own garden! Gardening is a great way to pass the time and gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Trust me, nothing beats growing your own food.

When I moved into my house last Fall, I was excited to have the space to finally create my own little vegetable garden. Even if you are in an apartment, it’s easy to grow potted herbs inside!

Since I was brand new to the gardening game, I got some help from the queen of gardening herself and local plant expert, Beth McGinty. Here is a little Q&A with Beth to give you a better idea of what we did at my house!

  • What vegetables did you put in the garden

We planted Brassica, Oleracea Lucinato (AKA dinosaur kale), Mustard Miz America and probably 6 or so types of lettuce!

  • What types of organic fertilizer did you use?

The bed was filled with topsoil and I worked in a flowerbed conditioner which contains: cotton burrs, composted cattle manure, feather meal, cottonseed meal, and alfalfa meal.

I then fertilized with fish emulsion. It’s made from whole fish parts. The nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium ratio is 4:1:1.

  • Why are drip lines important?

The drip line irrigation waters the root balls of the plant and not the foliage. Therefore reducing the opportunity of fungus growing on the plants. 

  • Why are raised beds better than in ground beds?

Raised beds make it easier to harvest and also provide a better opportunity to control the growing medium. It gives us a chance to produce vegetables in a healthier state and more of them.

  • How many times a year do we need to change out the fruits & veggies in the vegetable garden?

We will probably change out a minimum of three times per year. Summer time is slow production time because of our heat and humidity here in Charleston. 

Now is the time to do some research (hello YouTube and Pinterest) and start the garden project you’ve been thinking about! Start small, even with herbs on your windowsill, and branch out from there. Be patient, some plants will be sacrificed along the way, and remember to celebrate the small victories AKA using the mint from your garden to make mojitos!


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