Blender Bombs and Granola Monthly Subscription

Monthly Granola + Blender Bombs Subscription

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You will receive a two week supply of Granola and a two week supply of Blender Bombs every month, you pick the flavor!

If you would like a FULL months supply of BB's + Granola, just sign up for two of these monthly subscriptions.

Blender Bombs: The Blender Bombs are a staple when it comes to developing healthy habits and good nutrition. A lot of people just put fruit in their smoothies, but don't realize how that will spike your blood sugar like crazy! You should be putting healthy fat and protein in your smoothie along with the fruit to avoid this spike. The BBs have the fat and protein, as well as every essential amino acid and every essential fatty acid. The best part? They transform the texture of your smoothie so that you will look forward to your smoothie every day!

Granola: So we had our daily smoothies under control because of the Blender Bombs, but we found it was SO hard to find a granola that was free of oats and yucky additives. Why not make our own?? So that's what we did! And not gonna lie... it's delicious. You can replace your cereal with this granola, or you can just add 1/3 cup of granola on top of your smoothie and eat it with a spoon.

Cancellation Policy: 3 month minimum; however, we know you'll love the bombs!

 ** We recommend refrigerating your BBs upon arrival to ensure lasting freshness! **