Podcast Review: Walking For Health


The Model Health Show  is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. The host, Shawn Stevenson, covers all sorts of interesting topics about health and fitness and he backs up everything with scientific facts, but in a fun, engaging way! I learn so much every time I tune in and I LOVE to learn. The day I stop learning will be the day I die – and that ain’t happenin’ anytime soon!

Shawn is REALLY serious about fitness, like he’s a fitness freak. Kind of like how I used to be before I found balance through 80X20 and BB smoothies. So for a lot of people, it probably comes as a surprise that one of the most important parts of his fitness routine is simply just… walking. For the longest time I thought I was honestly a little too “good” for walking. I guess I felt too hardcore for it, like it was beneath me or something. I used to think “why would I walk if I had the strength to do 20 pushups and 200 crunches? Walking will never help me lose weight or stay fit! It’s too low impact!

WOW. Writing this is making me realizing how uneducated back then LOLOL.

Shawn provides a ton of arguments for walking in this episode, and they are all unbelievably compelling. Here are the ones I found to be most impactful.

Reasons to Walk Episode Highlights & Takeaways:

  1. Walking is the most natural exercise we can do. Sure, squats are good for the booty, but putting a couple hundred pounds on our backs and squatting over and over is NOT a natural exercise! Remember, the goal of HXH is to teach people to go back to the basics. To go back to eating, drinking, sleeping, forming relationships, exercising, and working in a way that is as close to the way nature intended as possible. Walking is something that our “genes expect us to do” and is the way our ancestors have stayed in shape for thousands of years. Eventually, mankind got the idea that animals would be a more efficient way to travel (smart humans) which then turned into the invention of cars, public transportation, etc. Even though we became more efficient, it’s sad that the majority of Americans walk very little these days.
  2. Walking is an easy exercise for ANYONE to do. It’s actually fun and RELAXING. It’s not hard to do at all (unless you’re injured). You just put one foot in front of the other and voila. You’re walking.
  3. Walking is good for “controlling blood sugar and managing/reversing diabetes”. CONTROLLING BLOOD SUGAR = WEIGHT LOSS,  in one study discussed in this podcast, they compared women who kept their current diet and did no extra walking during the day to that same group of women who kept their diet the same, but added 30 minutes of walking a day. This extra walking helped these women have 30% less belly fat over the course of 14 weeks. UNREAL. SIGN ME UP.
  4. Walking boosts the immune system. The rising trend in autoimmune disease in Americans means we should be paying more attention to our immune systems. Lymphatic systems move immune cells throughout the body and get them where they need to be. But, the lymphatic system DOES NOT MOVE UNLESS YOU MOVE. MIND BLOWN. Studies show that walking increases immunity levels approx. 2x-3x higher!
  5. Longevity is highest in areas around the world where people walk the most. A study shows walking JUST 11 MINUTES A DAY CAN EXTEND LIFE 2 YEARS. I want to live a long time so I’m gonna walk A LOT.
  6. Walking decreases stress, and no one likes stress! Bye cortisol. Walking helps shift the gears in your body to ones that promote wellness. Studies show that walking relieves stress and depression (in some cases, walking showed results similar to pharmaceutical drugs in patients with mild depression)
  7. Energy! Everything is energy. That is 100% fact. When you walk, you CREATE energy in your body. You are generating electricity. Walking is a great way to “charge up your cells”.

At the end of the podcast, Shawn shares easy ways to implement walking. He recommends and explains interval walking, stimulating the mind while walking, walking and talking, creative walking and walking socially. I love to have some ideas of concrete implementations after I learn new information like this and Shawn does a great job of breaking down this information into action items. So good!

My challenge to you: download this podcast, pop in your earphones, and go on a nice long walk while you learn about all of the good things walking can do for you.

Let me know your biggest takeaway from this podcast in the comments below. Walk on fam!! Love y’all.


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