Christine Wilkinson

"Had my first BB this morning. Something that makes spirulina taste good? Didn't think it would exist ever. Until today! YOU'RE ALREADY CHANGING MY LIFE! Can't wait to see how the next 364 days go."

Allie Meyers

"Finally ordered my first blender bombs! I know I've reached out to you before - my weight has been an issue since freshman year of college and I just haven't been THAT motivated enough to fix it. But now I'm getting married in December it inspired me to hop on the H train, too. Thank you for your encouragement and motivation!"

Mary Carr

"Just ordered my second round of Blender Bombs because I have two left and cannot go without them! So much has changed in a month! I've become so much more conscious about what and when I'm putting food in my body, and I always look forward to my smoothie post or pre-workout. It makes me so happy knowing I'm giving my body what it needs to do its best! Thank you so much for creating such a wholesome company!"

Meghan C.

"I have been traveling in Europe for three weeks and didn't take any Blender Bombs with me. I thought eating a well-balanced breakfast would keep me just as full. I was SO wrong. I found myself constantly hungry, giving into unhealthy foods in front of me and overall GAINING WEIGHT. I'm so ready to be back on track with my morning smoothies and get some Blender Bombs!"

Melissa L.

"I felt like I wasn't taking in as many fruits, veggies and nutrients as I needed this pregnancy so I wanted to try to commit to making a smoothie for breakfast to start my days for the last bit of my pregnancy. Hushup + Hustle answered my questions about if her Blender Bombs are safe while pregnant and nursing, and they are! They are power packed, nutrient-rich Blender Bombs! Add one to your smoothie and you don't have to do they heavy lifting of buying extra ingredients, measuring them out, etc."

Caroline F.

"Love your Blender Bombs and everything you are doing. It's incredible. In a world with a million of the same Instagram accounts and information about working out/eating healthy, yours is so unique with awesome content and it all makes sense. So glad I found you when I did and I cannot wait to see what else you do! Your Blender Bombs and smoothies have been such a game changer for me!"

Sarah T.

"I GOT THEM and they are the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. I've only been using them for 3 days, but I don't think I'll ever make a smoothie without the Blender Bombs ever again. I'm in love. Best money I've ever spent on myself."

Gemma Kicklighter

"I am officially obsessed with blender bombs!! I have not had a smoothie without one since I got hooked on PUMPKIN SPICE!!! I keep some at work and some at home, so that I am always able to mix up a smoothie after I workout or after IF (intermittent fasting)!!!! Hushup, BBs, and Helen have helped me so much to turn my health around. I have been working out, eating better, and the proof is in the pudding! My body fat is down and my health metrics are improving! GO BOMBS!!!”

Molly Ferrell

“I found your page on Instagram and started following you and loved the information, energy, and inspiration you provide. I started your blender bombs and they have been my saving grace. Intermittent fasting has helped me so much. I use your blender bombs to break my fast and have tried a few different recipes and they are always SO YUMMY! My workouts are back and sometimes more intense than they used to be. My positive mindset is back and not only are your blender bombs changing my health, they are changing my mental outlook. I cannot thank you enough for EVERYTHING that you do. You are changing things, Helen! You have done so much for me and I cannot thank you enough. PALMS UP!”

Chelsea Pope

“Girl! I have to tell you, you’re my hero. I’ve been hitting the same number on the scale unable to drop below it. I’ve been using my BB’s a week and I’m down 4 pounds and TWO pounds passed my threshold!!”

Julia Mallard

“I filled out a survey the other day and it asked about eating habits and honestly I would have normally (6 months ago) put that I have no control but I feel SO IN CONTROL of my eating now. Aside from when I drink alcohol and want cheese fries, I’ve never felt like I’ve had this much control in my entire 24 years of living. Thank you so much for creating the blender bombs, I’m convinced it’s because I always eat one per day.”

Alex Wells

“I’m obsessed!! All the flavors are AMAZING!! My husband is also hooked and anyway he can avoid gross snack is a win for both of us! I’m down 6 lbs in 3 weeks because of he blender Balls! I’ve even got the girls at my office hooked. Just placed another big order :) I plan to try the 80/20 lifestyle ASAP.”

Anne B.

"It's my third day using the Blender Bombs and it's a game changer! I bought the original and aloe collagen and its the BOMB! I feel like I'm full and ready to take the day. It helps me get the energy I need working at the hospital, studying for my masters and being a wife! Thank you for creating this!"