Where are Blender Bombs made?

They are made at a Co-packing facility in Charlotte, NC.

Where did the name “Hushup + Hustle” come from?

The HH alliteration comes from the founder’s name, Helen Hall. It’s catchy, and it represents a lifestyle!

What are Blender Bombs made of?

The base of all the Blender Bombs are the same, which is why they all have a similar nutritional profile. The base includes chia seeds, almonds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, pecans, dates, bee pollen, local honey, cinnamon, and vanilla bean.

What makes the BB’s different than other energy bites on the market?

There’s a huge difference! Most energy bites are 70% dates and honey and 30% nuts/seeds. Not only that, but a lot of them are full of rice blend protein powder, which is definitely not H+H approved. The BBs are 70% nuts and seeds, and about 30% dates and honey to hold it together and make your life easier. This is what allows the BB smoothie to be a meal replacement, because the BBs are more calorie dense and keep you fuller longer!

Are BBs gluten free?

Yes, duhhhh. However if you’re celiac, just know they are made in a facility that contains products which have gluten.

Can I use a BB as a meal replacement by itself?

If you eat 2,3 or 4 BBs as a meal replacement, that is totally fine.

How do I add a BB to my smoothie?

Simple! 1 serving fruit + 1 BB + 1 cup greens + 1 tbs honey (optional) + 1/2 to 1 cup of water or nut milk = BB smoothie. Every order comes with recipes and a further explanation of the BBs.

How much is shipping?

It is a flat fee of $5 for one box, and $6.50 for 2 or more boxes.

I never received my order. How can I find it?

Every order comes with a tracking number that is sent to your email when your order ships. If you still cannot find your order, shoot me an email at heyhey@blenderbombs.com and we will get it all figured out!

I just got my order, but there was a problem with shipment. What should I do?

Contact me at heyhey@blenderbombs.com so we can sort it all out :) We don’t want you having any problems with your order.

What do I do if I want to switch my monthly subscription?

Create an account upon purchasing the monthly subscription! This will allow you to make certain edits to your subscription. If you need to create an account and have an existing subscription, please email heyhey@blenderbombs.com and we can help you create one!