Organized Chaos 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always what you would call an organized person. And I try. Seriously, I really try. But the act of keeping everything in its right place just doesn’t come naturally to me. I have so much going on at such a rapid speed that it’s easy for me to forget where I put things. So much so that if things aren’t in their designated spot, I have been known to completely forget what I am looking for at all. Raise your hand if you’ve ever left your laptop on an airplane not once, but twice (thankfully, I got it back both times). 

All this to say, when I heard of a company called Luxury Organized right as I was moving into my new home, I took it as a sign that maybe it was time to get some professional help. 

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Steinburg, the owner of Luxury Organized, is no stranger to detail. She describes what she does as: “I come in and assess the room and take everything out of the space and only put back the items that we want to keep!” I’m talking detail down to the point of pinning any alterations on clothes you’ve been meaning to get tailored for months, and taking them to an alterations shop! She also handles any dry cleaning and brings it all back home to you when it’s ready. 

With a background in fashion, Rebecca specializes in closets and has never met one she can’t tackle head on. Not only does she take unwanted clothes to the proper consignment shop and all other clothes and unwanted items to be dropped off for donations, but she’ll even mail you your tax receipt. Want your dream closet built out? She has a team who does that!

But of course, her expertise expands beyond just your clothes. She also organizes garages, pantries, kids spaces, and more. In her words, “I create a living space that is pretty, and is designed to stay pretty!”

Rebecca’s Organization Tips

When it comes to getting organized and staying organized, Rebecca’s 3-step method is rock solid. 

Tip 1: Go Vertical or Stacked. Purchase stackable shelves and drawers to get the max amount out of a small space. 

Tip 2: Make Sure it Swivels or Turns. Always opt for a swivel function so you can organize by groups and to be able to see everything easily. 

Tip 3: Everything Should Match. Make all your organization pieces match (same color, brand, material, etc.) to create a luxury cohesive look.

Rebecca’s Favorite Organizational Items 

The Home Edit DIVIDED Lazy Susan can be used to store anything from cosmetics to office supplies. Every storage space in your home could use any of these! The Home Edit Pantry Canisters are the perfect stackable snack bins. Store anything from nuts and seeds to granola, pasta, rice, and more. The 5-Section Premium Acrylic Collator is Rebecca’s go-to for storing small handbags and clutches. This easily slides into most closets and makes storing bags a breeze.

Why Staying Organized is So Important 

Besides keeping your sanity, Rebecca shares her top three reasons why staying organized is so game changing.

It Saves You Time.

If you know where something is, it’s quicker to find and quicker to put away.”

It Saves You Money.

“Aside from the initial investment of organizing pieces, being able to see your things means not over buying because you can’t find it!”

It Saves You.

“Having a clean space can directly affect your thoughts and how you feel. Clear space = Clear mindset.”

 Do you have the itch to get organized now?! Try putting some of Rebecca’s methods to work to start the process of decluttering your mind and surroundings!


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