No Mixed Reviews On This Blender

Why the Blendtec is my favorite blender

Helen Hall 

Usually, the nicknames friends give you are products of inside jokes and “had to be there” moments. My nickname is a bit more literal: “Smoothie Queen.” For nearly the past four years, I have been making smoothies about five times a week. I mean, I literally created Blender Bombs for my own smoothies and eventually opened Hustle Smoothie Bar to further feed my smoothie addiction! 

Making the ultimate smoothie is an artform (at least to me, anyway). Of course, you need the essentials: fruit, vegetables, a Blender Bomb, a liquid, etc. But perhaps the most crucial element in smoothie making is what you make it in, AKA your blender. 

I’m no stranger to testing blenders. I’ve made smoothies in every type of blender I could get my hands on and, to be fair, a lot of them were pretty dang good. But my absolute favorite has and always will be my Blendtec. These bad boys make the creamiest and smoothest smoothies ever. I am all about my smoothie’s texture so this is key for me. Not only do I use my Blendtec for smoothies but I also use it in my everyday cooking! Crushing up nuts, making the perfect salad dressing, creating the creamiest homemade hummus and baba ganoush — the list goes on.

Yes, the Blendtec is a pretty penny, but it is worth it and then some. For how often I use it and how incredible the recipes I put into it come out, I would buy it again and again!

Need proof? Check out two of my favorite recipes below that I always make with my Blendtec, and let me know what you think!

Baba Ganoush 

What you’ll need:

Blendtec Blender

2 x cloves garlic

1 x tbsp tahini

1 x tsp sea salt

1 x tsp cumin

1 x medium eggplant, roasted on 400 for one hour

4 x tbsp olive or avocado oil 

2 x lemons

What you’ll do:

Preheat your oven to 400 F. Slice your eggplant. When oven is hot, roast eggplant for one hour. While eggplant is cooling, add garlic, tahini, salt, cumin and juice of one lemon to blender. Add eggplant and 2 tbsps of olive oil to blender. Pulse until smooth. Garnish with more olive oil and lemon to taste. Serve with warm pita, sliced carrots and celery or your favorite crackers! 


Granola Smoothie Bowl

What you’ll need:

Blendtec Blender (duh)

½ x cup Superseed Granola

1x 8” frozen banana (broken into four pieces)

.5 x grams blue majik

1x Aloe and Collagen BB 

2 x tbsp Bomb Butter 

1/3 x cup water

1/2x  cup ice 

1 x fresh peach (or chopped strawberries / blackberries)

What you’ll do:

Add banana, blue majik, BB, Bomb Butter, water and ice to your Blendtec and blend 30 seconds on high and 45 seconds on middle. Add about half of your granola to the bottom of your bowl, and then use a spatula or spoon to scoop out the smoothie over the granola. Top with 1 chopped fresh peach (or we can use like chopped strawberries or blackberries or whatever) and the rest of your granola! 



Helen Hall is the founder of Hushup X Hustle, Blender Bombs, Hustle Smoothie Bar and, most recently, Tipsy Spritzers. She is a wellness enthusiast, a lover of cats, and has been most appropriately dubbed the “Smoothie Queen.”






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