Hotter than Health with Eliza G

Listen up! You know I love podcasts. I listen while I’m driving, walking, working, cooking – basically whenever I can. One of my favorites is hosted by my girl Eliza Gellman. She started her podcast, “Hotter than Health” in 2018 right around the time that we met through mutual friends in the health and wellness space in Charleston.  In her podcast, she covers all things health and wellness with amazing insights into things like proper food combining, IF, plant-based meals, all the newest diet and workout trends and digestion. 

She is also a badass personal trainer and instructor at HYLO Fitness in Charleston, SC and helps people lose weight with customized meal plans and support. She’s been a huge supporter of Blender Bombs since the beginning and an amazing friend.  

This month I was very honored to be featured on her podcast, “Hotter Than Health” along with my fiancé and business partner, Scott. Since this was recording during quarantine, we zoomed her from our house! Click here to listen to some hilarious anecdotes all while we cover some of my favorite topics like:

  • Intermittent Fasting As you probably know, we are huge fans of IF. We talk about what works best for each of us and why we love to spread the word about it. 
  • Building a Business We bring it way back to how it all started, where we are today and where we’re headed in the future.  
  • Weight Loss We talk about fad diets, what works and what doesn’t and how I finally lost weight using Blender Bombs and maintained a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Protein So many people in the health and wellness space have different opinions about this! How important is it? What food sources do we get it from in a plant based diet? We touch on all of this in the podcast. 
  • 80X20 What is 80X20, why this lifestyle works for us and so many people, and how we’re turning it into a brand.

You can learn more about Eliza by visiting her website, or checking out her on Instagram here. Make sure to subscribe to “Hotter than Health” on Apple podcasts so you never miss an episode!


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