Helen’s Daily Dishes

Ever wonder what our bomba$$ founder, Helen Hall, eats in a day? Or the food she keeps in regular rotation? Check out all the nutritional goodness she is dishing out in this post. Xx

These days you can’t drive more than a few miles without spotting some golden arches.

Fast food spots are all around us. From burgers and fries, to tacos and ice cream. The temptations are E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E! I was constantly tempted by these places and the persistent lerking of greasy preservatives caused me to “fall off the wagon” every few days. Fast forward to the here and now, and I’m no longer tempted by these fast and fake foods. I eat what I need to feel my best and maintain my weight.

When I eat and how much I eat is just as important as WHAT I eat. I make a concerted effort to keep 80% of my meals throughout the week mostly whole, plant based foods. This means avoiding processed, refined foods including: oils, meats, cheese, eggs, dairy, unrefined grains, processed sugars, sodas, alcohol, etc. Now, to be clear, I am human and we all have to live a little, so I still eat the foods listed above every now and then, BUT I keep them limited to less than 20% of my weekly food consumption. Below is a “basic daily menu” of what I eat and when I feel best eating. 

I would like to stress that this is what works best for ME. Everyone is different and our needs are different. This plan might work for you, but it might not and that’s okay! I’ve tried so many eating routines, fad diets, etc. and the 80X20 lifestyle is the perfect fit for me and my body. 

80% of my days look like this:


On intermittent fasting days – which is three to five days a week –  I typically start my morning with a tall glass of room temperature water and a cup of spearmint tea with lemon.

Note: water, black coffee, and tea are allowed during the fast. For anyone who hasn’t heard of intermittent fasting, or has but wants to know more – check out this post  for all the deets!

Psst… some mornings I will have celery juice while fasting! Celery juice has a glycemic index of zero and doesn’t spike your blood sugar, so I consider it to be approved for the fasting time frame.


Between 11:30am and 1:00pm, I break my fast with a Blender Bomb smoothie, DUH. A smoothie a day keeps me feeling 100%. I love my daily smoothie because it allows me to have a full meal of greens, fruits, and veggies, all while controlling my sweet tooth cravings. BOOM. The BB smoothies keep me full for about three to four hours, especially when I top it with Granola So Bomb. Check out some of my favorite smoothie recipes here 


I try to eat dinner around 6:00-7:00pm, sometimes even earlier. I personally feel my best when I eat an early dinner. I want to stay full and satisfied until the next day so I tend to eat a pretty high calorie, carb dense dinner. The word “carb” might make you nervous, but it shouldn’t! I reached my current weight and body from eating this way. For these good carb recipes you can check out my Instagram account, or you can purchase this 80×20 PDF! 

HXH TIP: If you are trying to lose weight, eating an early dinner will help tremendously.

My daily food consumption in the 80% category is pretty easy and straightforward.  I usually stick to one calorie dense BB smoothie, one snack, and a high calorie/high carb dinner. The smoothies change regularly and my dinners change to whatever I am in the mood for. Check out my “DAY OF EATING” highlight on @hushupandhustle to see some more variations! 


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