Getting Balanced with Devin Black

Guest Post by Devin Black
Hi! I’m Devin Black, certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and founder of my wellness and lifestyle coaching business, Balanced by Devin.
My personal journey for the love of health and wellness started at a young age — obsessing over fitness, watching my weight (in both healthy and unhealthy ways) and spending time with my mom in the kitchen. With time, age and a whole lot of life experience, I feel unfortunately fortunate to have learned how important health, wellness, self-care and self-love really is.
After losing my mom, aunt and grandfather to cancer, I felt more empowered than ever to take better care of myself, expand my knowledge and share my learnings, appreciation and support to help others get healthy too.
And here we are today.
Balanced by Devin is focused on using the power of plant-based eating and whole health to fuel healthy habits. Our goal is to create long-term lifestyle changes by teaching others about the positive impact of a balanced lifestyle. We’ll help you transform the way your see yourself through a customizable, strategic exercise, diet and wellness plan. We make striving for balance an opportunity — not a burden.
Creating change starts with sharing inspiration. We strive to build a model for a balanced lifestyle by putting in the hard work ourselves. We share our stories – and the results –  in order to inspire people from all walks of life.
Why is balance so important? Because yes, what you put into your body matters. Yes, you should be active. But most importantly, you have to balance those things with the things that make you happy – a good cocktail, sleeping in later, not beating yourself up over everything, taking a vacation, laughing with your friends and everything in between.
Progress > Perfection.
Consistency > Crash Diets.
Balance > All.
We offer various services to work with you on your personal health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle goals. Whether you want to book a single session, group session or self-guided program, we work with you at your own pace and in the style that suits you best. We also sell products we love, believe in and use everyday (like Blender Bombs). These products are our mantra in product form, providing a balanced, whole-food meal everyday — driving consistency and promoting a plant-based diet.
This is just the beginning for Devin, BBD and whatever that may be in the upcoming years, but we are determined to build a platform where people feel comfortable reaching out for support and are excited to make a positive change in their life.
Devin is located in Charlotte, NC. You can find her on Instagram at @balancedbydevin and visit her website to learn more. 



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