For the Yogi on a Budget: Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Guest Post by Sheila Johnson.

Sheila Johnson was a success story in the corporate world but decided to start her own business giving her the freedom to focus on her health and self care routine. She created as a place to not only share her story, but inspire others to put their physical and mental health first with a regular wellness practice and daily self-care.

Perhaps you want to start doing yoga, but you’re worried that the cost of classes will be prohibitive. Or maybe you’ve tried a few classes, but signing up for a studio membership would stretch your budget too thin. 

People who are new to yoga often assume that committing to a consistent yoga practice will end up costing them too much money – but it’s totally possible to be a dedicated yogi on a budget. Here’s how to get the best deals on yoga gear and focus on your personal yoga journey while saving money. 

Save on New Equipment

You don’t have to buy yoga equipment and apparel at full price from a sporting good’s store or athletic wear brand. You can find high-quality equipment on platforms like eBay. Purchasing gently-used gear for a discounted price is often the most affordable way to get everything you need to be a committed yogi – and with the right tools, you can have an active yoga practice at home and save on classes. You can find everything from necessities like yoga mats and leggings to supportive props like blocks, straps, and wheels. Want to save even more money? Look for eBay promotions and cash back offers for significant discounts. 

Set Personal Goals

Even in a reflective practice like yoga, people will inevitably end up comparing themselves and their skills. But when you make it a point to set your own weekly or monthly personal goals for your practice, you’ll be able to concentrate on the skills you want to improve on and tune out what others around you are doing. According to Entrepreneur, you should set specific, measurable, and realistic goals, and give yourself a reasonable timeframe for achieving them. 

Download a free yoga app on your smartphone to plug in your goals and track your improvements. As you report your progress over the next few weeks, you’ll probably be surprised at how far you get! Sometimes, just the act of tracking motivates us to work harder. 

Give Yourself Permission to Practice for as Little as 7 Minutes

Don’t have time or money to spare for classes right now? Sometimes, a short yoga flow and meditation is all you need to turn your day around. 

If you only have time to practice for seven minutes or so, just remind yourself that practicing for seven minutes is better than not practicing at all! There are many free fitness apps and YouTube channels centered around yoga that provide directions for quick yoga flows. Even if you can only stretch for a few minutes, you’ll find a flow sequence that works for you!

Take Risks

You don’t just have to stick with basic, beginner yoga classes – you can also challenge yourself with other styles of yoga! There are several different styles commonly offered at studios, including hot yoga, kundalini yoga, restorative yoga, and more. 

Rather than signing up for an expensive weekend workshop or dropping money on an unlimited studio membership, purchase a cheaper package that gives you a limited number of classes at a discounted price. Try out a few different styles to see which styles you really like! 

Yoga On the Go

Working long hours? Traveling often? Spending your free time helping relatives? You don’t have to give up on yoga. You can practice on the go, even without dropping in for classes at other studios. Pack up a travel mat for the airport, practice yogic breathing exercises when you’re stuck in traffic, or learn a few stretches that you can do at your desk or on your lunch break!

From the outside, yoga might seem like an expensive hobby, but if you’re strapped for cash, you can still make serious progress in your practice. Even if you can’t afford the latest equipment or take off work for retreats, yoga is for everyone.


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