Celery Juice + Digeston

Time for some $#!T talking. 😉

No, we’re not spilling tea, we’re talking digestion! Digestion is the process of breaking down food by mechanical and enzymatic action in the alimentary canal into substances that can be used by the body. Basically, digestion means poop.

In high school and college I used to poop maybe 3 times a week. However, three years ago when I started having Blender Bomb smoothies and following an 80X20 plant-based diet – I began popping 1-3 times a day! It’s truly amazing. I didn’t realize how much digestion impacts your health and the way that you feel. I used to think that it was normal to feel like there was a rock in my stomach at all times. Damn was I wrong!

As a part of my mostly plant-based diet, I have to be able to correctly digest A LOT of greens and vegetables. When I first started eating raw veggies, it was pretty miserable. I felt awful all the time—my stomach hurt for a couple hours after eating. I knew that I wanted (and needed) all of the nutrients and fiber from my plant-based diet, but it felt like my stomach just couldn’t handle it. So I started taking digestive enzymes with every fibrous meal and that helped with the digestion pain, but I didn’t like having to rely on a pill every time I ate veggies.

I also struggled with bloating back in the day. I would wake up in the morning bloated, before I had water or anything else in my stomach! I had tried EVERYTHING. Even that stupid 1200 calorie per day diet coupled with intense exercise and I was STILL bloated.


Two and a half years ago I read about celery juice via The Medical Medium.

Weirdly enough, celery juice turned out to be the EASIEST fix for my digestive issues and bloating. I was skeptical at first because I was worried that celery juice might make things worse because of the high sodium in celery, silly me. Anthony Williams of The Medical Medium had my heart and I knew I could trust him, so I decided to try the celery juice “cleanse” for two weeks. HOT DAMN the results were good. Plus, the celery juice only tasted gross for the first few days and then I started to crave it. After two weeks of drinking 16 oz of fresh pressed celery juice in the morning, I was able to throw out all of my digestive enzyme pills. I still don’t need them. Now I want to tell everyone in the whole wide world about celery juice!


I do the full two week celery juice cleanse once a year and maintain it with one celery juice a week. Some people do the celery juice cleanse for longer or shorter periods of time, but for me, two weeks once or twice a year is enough to reset my digestive system and get me back on track.

All you have to do is juice 16 oz. of organic celery each morning (you’re not allowed to add anything else to the juice, not even lemon, it won’t work right!) on an empty stomach. Each 16 oz. serving will take a head or two of organic celery to make—it ends up costing about $3 per juice. Be sure to drink it IMMEDIATELY after you juice it, like within 30 minutes. Don’t juice it the night before because it will oxidize and lose all of it’s magical powers!  After having your juice, try and wait about 5-15 minutes before eating or drinking anything else. Then you can eat the way you normally would for the rest of the day (hopefully 80X20 whole food, plant-based). Do this each morning for two weeks.

The first few days might be a little (or a lot) rough on the stomach if your digestion is out of whack. If that’s the case for you, start off with 16 oz. of organic cucumber juice for a few days, then switch to half cucumber half celery juice, and build up to 100% celery juice.


When I first did this juice reset, I was thinking it would help a little, but I had no idea just how well it would actually work! After two weeks of juicing first thing in the morning, I could eat all the vegetables and greens I wanted without a problem; it was honestly like magic. I wanted to stuff my face with raw broccoli (said no one ever, except for me). I was pumped because the bloat went way down which is a huge win! I think it’s because the celery juice along with Blender Bomb smoothies, intermittent fasting and 80X20 plant-based lifestyle sped up my digestion so much that I didn’t have nearly as much old stool just sitting in my intestines anymore.


I asked the HXH Instagram community to send me their testimonies and results from celery juicing a few months ago and I was BLOWN AWAY by the amazing things it did for others who tried it. Aside from the great digestive and anti-bloating powers of the juice, I received so many messages about how this simple juice resulted in higher energy levels, clearer skin, a controlled appetite, and relief for so many chronic illnesses. LOVE YOU MEDICAL MEDIUM.

What has your experience with celery juicing been like? I would love to hear the benefits you’ve seen and learn any tips or suggestions you may have when it comes to digestion (or really anything, duh).

Let me know if you have any questions!


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