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How to Recover After a Small Business Failure

Guest post by Carla Lopez. 

Carla Lopez kept her entrepreneurial spirit even after retiring a couple of years ago. She created for retirees who still desire to work and achieve – a site that offers business resources for people

The Future of Work

It’s no secret that we’re all adjusting to our “new normal” – whatever the heck that may be. This year has radically changed so many aspects of our lives. Today, I wanna talk about the adjustment to workin’ from home! READ MORE

Hotter than Health with Eliza G

Listen up! You know I love podcasts. I listen while I’m driving, walking, working, cooking – basically whenever I can. One of my favorites is hosted by my girl Eliza Gellman. She started her podcast, “Hotter than Health” READ MORE

Organized Chaos 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always what you would call an organized person. And I try. Seriously, I really try. But the act of keeping everything in its right place just doesn’t come naturally to me. READ MORE

Behave Your Way To Success

We’re big fans of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast here at HXH and today’s blog post is highlighting some profound takeaways heard in a recent episode with Dr. Phil. (Insert cash me outside joke here.)  The general theme of this … READ MORE