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5 Useful Tips for Making a Perfect Smoothie at Home

Guest post by Kyla Stewart.

Ever since people became more conscious of their dietary choices, the health food industry has been on the bandwagon, selling overpriced salads, chicken dinners, and smoothies to unknowing customers. 

It’s been a few years now, READ MORE

Can Smoothies Really Help You Lose Weight?

Guest Post by Jessica Mason.

Jessica is a clinical dietitian who has a strong passion for healthy eating. She has a Master of Science degree in nutrition and food management from The University of Central Oklahoma. She likes to write READ MORE

Spring has Sprung!

Spring is upon us and there’s no thyme like the present to start your own garden! Gardening is a great way to pass the time and gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Trust me, nothing beats growing your READ MORE

Getting Balanced with Devin Black

Guest Post by Devin Black
Hi! I’m Devin Black, certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and founder of my wellness and lifestyle coaching business, Balanced by Devin.
My personal journey for the love of health and wellness started at a young

No Mixed Reviews On This Blender

Why the Blendtec is my favorite blender

Helen Hall 

Usually, the nicknames friends give you are products of inside jokes and “had to be there” moments. My nickname is a bit more literal: “Smoothie Queen.” For nearly the past four READ MORE

The Skinny On Plant Based Whole Foods

You probably hear us reference plant based whole foods like….every other minute.
Some of you might be wondering – but what the heck classifies a plant based whole food?!

We are here to break it down for you babes.… READ MORE