Brain Food

Doctors have been preaching to eat your fruits and veggies for well, like ever. So it should be a no brainer recent studies have discovered that consistent consumption of fresh produce is not only positively impacting your physical health, but your mental health too!

In a recent article from CNN, researchers take a deeper dive into this theory and we could not agree more with the findings. There was a direct correlation discovered in improvement of psychological well-begin after increasing fruit and vegetables in your diet.

“Our analysis showed that increases in the consumption of fruit and vegetables are linked to increases in self-reported mental well-being and life satisfaction….motivation and vitality improved in a treatment group where young adults were asked to eat two extra portions of fruits and vegetables a day for two weeks… ” 

Food is fuel for both the body and mind, when you make a conscious effort to fuel your body with fruits and veggies, your physical being and overall mental well being responds accordingly. Mental health benefits linked to exercise have been well established as a tactful way to positively impact your mental health through the release of endorphins; but this new research indicates that adding a plant based diet, or at the bare minimum regularly incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet will directly impact your mental well being.

“Biological mechanisms that link the chemicals commonly found in fruit and vegetables to physical changes in the body. For example, Vitamin C and E have been shown to lower inflammatory markers linked to depressive mood.”

Bottom line, you are what you eat, babes. So, be a pineapple, wear that crown tall and stay sweet. xx


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