Organic or Nah?

Foods to be a freak about.
When it comes to choosing between organic or non organic, there are some foods that I HATE to eat unless they are organic (it’s really hard when eating out). The foods I prefer organic include: berries, potatoes, any fruit (ESPECIALLY FROZEN) with a thin skin, leafy greens and all vegetables. Fruits and veggies are made mostly of water and they are very good at absorbing pesticides. Sorry I don’t want to eat round-up. We all know that these chemicals and pesticides are not good for us, and can potentially lead to auto immune disease. Personally, I see a HUGE difference in my eczema when I cook meals at home and am completely aware of everything that I’m eating. See below to learn a little more! 
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Let me know below if you have any insight on other foods to choose organic! Pic by @holistic.foodie

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