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Intro to My Two Meals Per Day

If you follow my instagram (@hushupandhustle) you probably have heard me talk about intermittent fasting and what that looks like for me. Here is a brief description of what this looks like for me.

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What I'm Listening To - PODCASTS

They say you’re a reflection of the five people you spend the most time with. They say you are what you eat. They say you are a direct reflection of the thoughts you think. If all of this is true, why do people still surround themselves with negative people? Why do people still keep trigger foods in their cabinets and fridge? (Cough cough, goldfish). Why do people binge...

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I prefer to listen to my books on audible by Amazon, but if you like reading, yay on you!

As for the educational (nutrition/diet) books, I do not endorse the diets laid out in every single one of these books. I think it’s important to be informed of everyone’s opinions and make the best decision for you. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT. USE COMMON SENSE. The foods today are not what...

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