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Hushup X Hustle is a lifestyle brand created by Helen Hall. It is the parent company for all of Helen’s brands. Hushup X Hustle provides you the tools to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Helen’s mission is to encourage people to eat a mostly plant-based diet and drink one Blender Bomb smoothie a day. She has created multiple companies in order to help make this lifestyle more accessible to everyone.

Hushup X Hustle

Hushup X Hustle encourages everyone out there hustling to be the best version of themselves.


Blender Bombs

Blender Bombs have the ingredients you can see and the benefits you can feel. They are jam-packed with healthy protein, fiber, and fat, so when you add one to your smoothie, it keeps you fuller longer. That’s the real deal.⁣ When you are pressed for time, you can eat one or two as a snack. Blend ’em, break ’em, bite ’em!


Hustle Smoothie Bars

Our Smoothie Bar where all smoothies contain one Blender Bomb® that makes your smoothie a meal replacement.



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